Soft Strong Sandals... I like it!

More than flip flops: Paanda Original is the minimal, colorful, comfortable and stylish sandal for every occasion: from beach to meeting, from library to gym.
An exclusive collection that expresses strongly the philosophy of the brand Paanda Original: a world of sweetness sought after, a line cool and funny with an urban chic taste, typical of the City of Design where it was born: Milan.

Let's break the daily plans and get out from the ordinary with
Paanda Original - Soft Strong Sandals... I Like It!

Made in Italy

Comfort, Elegance, Resistance 100% MADE IN ITALY

Recyclable and Regenerable

Recyclable and regenerable material with respect to the environment.

Water Resistant

Waterproof material with maximum performance.


Resistant but soft, just like the name they wear.


Balance between the need for comfort and the desire to be fashion: wear them where you want!


Resistance, long lasting and a first quality compact material.

You can call them flip-flops, slippers or even rubber sandals. We prefer to call them by their own name: Paanda! 

“The redemption and affirmation of Made in Italy in the world of fashion beachwear”

Paanda Original is a brand established in Milan in 2016, after a long and exciting journey. The brand represents the research of new ideas and a willingness to reinvent yourself. Paanda Original is a fundamental change from your regular flip-flop, to welcome a new, 100% Italian urban-chic product that features a simple yet fashionable design. The new 100% Made in Italy sandals brand was presented to the world at the celebrated Salone White Milano in September 2017.  We received excellent feedback and the event inspired us to share the experience with you.
Paanda Original features 13 color combinations, an innovative shape and a unique material. The waterproof rubber is strong yet soft, just like the animal that inspired them, and is made from a recyclable and regenerable material that respects the environment.
Paanda Original interprets the soul of modern life, balancing the need for comfort and the desire to be fashionable.  You can take your Paanda Original to work, to the gym, for a walk around the park and with you immediately after for a good aperitif!
A new brand that will we hope will become an every day essential.  Comfort, elegance, resistance, 100% MADE IN ITALY.
A name, a destiny: strength, endurance & softness, and a lifestyle brand with a respect for nature - an unconventional original ... Paanda!

Paanda Original - Soft Strong Sandals... I like it!



Paanda Original is a product entirely created in Italy that uses recyclable and regenerative materials to support a “greener” vision for our environment. 

Paanda Original supports sustainability throughout the supply chain by collaborating with the Italian restoration project Treedom. This wonderful start-up is helping to plant trees around the world to compensate for the CO2 emissions created by the production of sandals.  So far, Paanda Original has reached the target of 9,200 kg of CO2 absorbed by planting trees across three different countries.


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